About Us


Small batch coconut wax candles + plantable packaging, hand-poured in Southern California.

At CANDLESSENTIALS we strive to evoke joyful moments and happy memories; arousing feelings of being in an amazing time and place, a world of no worries and delightful experiences.



When creating the line, owner Tashah Johnson was inspired by the thought of spreading light in to the lives of others. Coupled with her love of the idea of filling a space with delightful scents, Candlessentials was born. 

All CANDLESSENTIALS candles are handmade with love in the heart of Los Angeles, California without the use of animal products or additives. We use coconut wax is used in combination with high-quality fragrances infused with essential oils. Conscious effort is placed on the design elements and creation of each candle, ultimately delivering an eco-friendly enjoyable product.

Our Classic line of candles gives back to nature with our seed embedded boxes, offering not only an aesthetically pleasing experience, but also a different take on disposing of packaging.

Plantable Packaging Instructions: 1) Remove all labels, 2) Soak box in water for 2 minutes 3) Plant box in fine soil, 4) Water daily 5) Patiently wait and you’ll see beautiful wildflowers blossoming in your very own garden to enjoy during any season.


Charity: 10% of annual sales are donated to Her Success Inc. to help expand the limits of extraordinary young women who are often overlooked.